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We help individuals who are trying to get a foothold in tech and are having problems selecting an area of programming they wish to major in and those who need tools to aid your learning.

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Become a developer
in 3 Months

Our program is full time and lasts 3 months, you're welcome to apply if you currently do not have a full time dedication to something else.

We are raising world class developers

Why we exist

  • Create world class Software Developers
  • Solve problems in Africa with Tech
  • Create employment and breed innovative ideas
  • Build more positive tech savvy youths
  • Support females into tech in Africa

What you will learn

We have a team of experienced mentors to guide you
Frontend Developmentlearn
Backend Developmentlearn
Mobile App Developmentlearn

Your journey of a thousand miles,
starts with a one tweet pitch..

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Join Program

Pass our four-level stage assessment and join DevCareer. Assessment will be based on several criteria; aptitude test, coding test and a physical interview.

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Resources & Mentors

Get a laptop, get a course, get paired with a mentor in your field to support and progress your skill

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Get Job placement

During and after your mentorship program, We will work together with your mentor to source for suitable jobs for you and prepare you for interviews

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